This week, Burger King Sweden launched the “50/50 menu,” a marketing campaign to promote its newest meatless options: the Rebel Whopper and the Rebel Chicken King—both made vegan by omitting mayonnaise. Customers who want to participate in the campaign can order from the “menu” and will receive either a plant-based or meat version of the two options and can scan the packaging to guess which option they were served via a Burger King app. “We are really proud of how hard it is to tell our plant-based burgers apart from real meat,” Daniel Schröder, marketing director for Burger King Sweden, said. “With the 50/50-menu, we hope that more people dare to try them. And hopefully have fun trying to figure out which one they got.” After a successful launch in the United States in April, Burger King announced that it would expand its Impossible Whopper to Sweden. However, the chain introduced the Rebel Whopper, along with the Rebel Chicken King, made with a patty sourced from an undisclosed European brand. Burger King Sweden opted to not use the Impossible Burger patty because the European Food Safety Authority has yet to approve the use of soy leghemoglobin (“heme”), the plant-based patty’s key ingredient that was deemed safe for consumption by the United States Food and Drug Administration last year. 

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