CA Prisons May Soon Require Access to Vegan Meals

State Senator Nancy Skinner introduced a bill that would require all prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes in California to serve vegan meal options.


California Senator Nancy Skinner introduced last week Senate Bill 1138 that, if passed, would require state prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes to offer at least one vegan meal option. “We recognize human rights are for everyone whether they are incarcerated or not,” Skinner told media outlet CBS SF Bay Area. “Offering plant-based meal options is a great way to give people healthy choices and reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions. But most importantly, I want to make sure we’re being fair and giving those in institutional settings food options that meet their individual needs.” According to Skinner, the initiative has received positive response, and legislators unanimously voted in favor of the bill during its first committee meeting. In 2016, the Federal Bureau of Prisons introduced vegan options to all 102 federal prisons in the United States after reassessing prisoners’ nutritional needs.

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