This week, Wisconsin-based pizza chain Toppers Pizza added cheesy vegan garlic breadsticks to its more than 60 locations across the Midwest and South. The new option, Veganstick, is a vegan version of the chain’s popular Topperstix and features melted vegan cheese slathered atop garlic breadsticks. “Too often, vegans have to settle for flimsy imitations of the food they love, so we are adamant about providing vegan options that are every bit as delicious as our traditional offerings,” Toppers Pizza Founder and President Scott Gittrich said. “When we first started building our vegan creations, we knew we had something special, but we were still blown away by the customer response. It didn’t take long for us to decide we needed to build on that success by offering a vegan version of our Topperstix.”

Toppers’ vegan menu
In July 2020, Toppers launched an extensive vegan menu created in partnership with Milwaukee-based chef Melanie Manuel—owner of vegan restaurant Celesta. The chain now offers three vegan pizzas: Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper (Buffalo sauce, vegan mozzarella, plant-based crispy chicken, and green onions, drizzled with ranch sauce); Korean BBQ Chicken-less Topper (Korean BBQ sauce, vegan mozzarella, plant-based crispy chicken, onions, and green peppers); and Tuscano Topper (homemade pizza sauce, garlic-roasted tomatoes, green olives, spinach, and vegan mozzarella). Individual pizza toppings such as vegan mozzarella cheese, plant-based crispy chicken, along with sauces and dips such as ranch and Korean BBQ, are also available. 

“We’re always listening to customer feedback, and in recent years, we heard a growing demand for vegan options,” Gittrich said. “A lot of restaurants treat their vegan menu—if they have one—as an afterthought, but we don’t add anything to our menu if we aren’t totally in love with it. Our fans wanted vegan options, so we set about creating the best vegan menu in the pizza world, and I’m proud to say we succeeded.”

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