This week, Coca-Cola Amatil—the authorized distributor and bottler of Coca-Cola products in the Asia Pacific region—launched vegan soft-serve brand LUMI across Australia. The new vegan line replaces its existing Perfect Fruit Company and is available in coconut, mango, and mixed berry flavors. “Australia is a premier market for soft serve,” Rebecca Matchado, the general manager of Amatil’s Perfect Fruit Company, said. “One recent study found we were second in the world as ice cream lovers, behind Norway. But we’re also health-conscious, and keen to reduce our intake of sugar and fat. That’s why LUMI is the right product at the right time—an alternative for ice cream and one that’s dairy-free, low-sugar, and just 75 calories a serve, which is less calories than an apple.” The brand is focusing its distribution on food courts, theme parks, tourist attractions, airports, and juice bars. “LUMI stays true to all the credentials of Perfect Fruit, under a broader, better for you proposition,” Matchado said. “Over coming months, keep an eye out as we launch new flavors, new formats, and enter new channels to bring LUMI to life in new and exciting ways.”

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