This month, animal advocacy group The Humane League launched its first ever “Rotten Egg Awards,” an initiative to hold companies accountable for promising to phase out battery cages from its egg suppliers. For 2019, The Humane League is “awarding” Omni Hotels & Resorts, Fogo de Chão, and Another Broken Egg Cafe—companies that have promised to go cage-free by 2019 or earlier but have refused to publicly report their progress in doing so. “Restaurants, hotels, and foodservice companies have benefited from their public promises, and it’s time to live up to their own words,” The Humane League President David Coman-Hidy said. “Customers and shareholders deserve to know how companies are making good on their commitments to reduce the animal cruelty in their supply chains—and to comply with the growing list of state laws that ban the sale of battery-cage eggs.” The Humane League will deliver “Rotten Egg Award” certificates and egg-shaped trophies to the headquarters of each company that has failed to report on their commitments. The organization calls upon more than 400 other companies—such as retailers Walmart and Publix— that have made pledges to phase out the cruel practice between 2019 and 2026 to take action toward fulfilling their commitments and report progress to consumers and shareholders through available resources such as EggTrack.

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