Cowspiracy Inspires Texas Restaurant to Go Vegan

La Blue Casa in Arlington, TX pledges to be 100 percent vegan by February 2016.


La Blue Casa—a Mexican restaurant on campus at the University of Texas at Arlington—will transition to a fully vegan menu by February 2016. Vegan owners Gabriela Lopez and Raj Attur were inspired by the recent documentary Cowspiracy to take animal products off their menu. Lopez had an epiphany after watching the film and said, “Our food is still going to be tasty … We just don’t want to cause harm on the planet.” In addition to current options, the restaurant will begin offering a full vegan menu on Monday that features almond-based cheeses, black bean patties, and other vegan protein sources, along with mango-habanero, chipotle, and non-dairy molé sauces. As an incentive, patrons will receive $1 off every time they choose the vegan menu during the transition.

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