Cowspiracy Re-Packaged as Classroom Tool

Film condensed to 45-minutes so teachers can incorporate into curriculums.


A new 45-minute “educational edit” of environmental documentary Cowspiracy is now available—removing a scene depicting the slaughter of a duck—making it a useful resource for educators working with students between the ages of 10-25. Teachers can purchase the new version of the film online for $30, which grants them a lifetime license to stream the movie for educational purposes. “The educational edit of Cowspiracy allows the film to be shown and experienced by a much wider audience and we are excited by educators implementing the film into their curriculum,” the film’s co-director Keegan Kuhn says. Cowspiracy follows co-director Kip Anderson on his path to veganism as he discovers the connections between animal agriculture and environmental devastation. Executively produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Cowspiracy has been credited for influencing many individuals to go vegan—including Gabriela Lopez and Raj Attur, owners of Texas-based restaurant La Blue Casa, who removed animal products from their eatery’s menu in February. The new cut of the film comes at a time when a growing number of young people—particularly millennials—are becoming increasingly interested in the topics addressed in the documentary.

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