A cohort study conducted by researchers at nonprofit medical research organization Cochrane found that consuming fish oil supplements has no positive benefits on cardiovascular health. Researchers studied data about more than 100,000 individuals which they collected over a 10-year period to determine that long-chain Omega-3 supplements—most commonly taken in the form of fish oil—did not improve heart function, as previously believed by the medical community. “We can be confident in the findings of this review which go against the popular belief that long-chain omega-3 supplements protect the heart,” lead author Lee Hooper, MD said. “The review provides good evidence that taking long-chain omega-3 supplements does not benefit heart health or reduce our risk of stroke or death from any cause.” Hooper revealed that the chance of any “meaningful” benefits occurring from the consumption of fish oil supplements is one in 10,000. Conversely, mounting scientific evidence suggests that plant-based diets improve cardiovascular health, including a 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that replacing animal-derived protein with plant-based alternatives significantly improved the three main cholesterol markers for heart disease prevention.

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