Demand for Vegan Protein on the Rise

Nutritional ingredient developers identify pea, chia, and flax protein as a hot trend.


In a recent interview with food and beverage news outlet Food Navigator-USA, business development manager Vicky Fligel of Glanbia Nutritionals (GN)—an international company that supplies nutritional ingredients to be used in various food applications—provided insight into the increased demand for vegan protein. While GN has historically produced dairy-based ingredients, Fligel says client demand for vegan sources of protein are on the rise. The business is currently focusing on formulating a smoother, more functional pea protein ingredient that its clients can incorporate into snacks, bars, and drinks. Additionally, GN is working with flaxseed, which Fligel says works well for applications in which a nutty flavor is desired, as well as chia seeds that clients seek for its omega-3 ALA content.

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