Dolly Parton is a country music legend (just ask Beyoncé), but her talents aren’t just limited to singing. She is also a philanthropist, businesswoman, and passionate home cook. “I love the kitchen,” she once said in an interview with Yahoo Life. “I’m always in the kitchen making something just for my own self when I’m getting ready to go to work or so I can take a snack to work.”

So it’s no surprise that the star—also releasing her cookbook Good Lookin’ Cookin’ in September—appreciates some good cookware. She appreciates it so much, she has created her own. Last month, the Tennessee-born music icon teamed up with another popular Tennessee legend, the cookware brand Lodge, to launch her own cast-iron collection. And it’s perfect for vegan cooking.


Why invest in cast-iron cookware?

If you love cooking, cast iron is a great addition to the kitchen. These pans are not only durable and long-lasting (they often get passed down from generation to generation), but they also offer a superior cooking experience. Just ask professional chef Ming Tsai. “One of my favorite pans is my cast iron—I’ve had it for over 20 years,” he once told Katie Couric Media. “Once it’s well-seasoned, you don’t need any fat to cook in it and it’s so versatile.”

Tsai isn’t alone. Many professional chefs choose cast iron; in fact, in one Reddit AMA a few years ago, Gordon Ramsay wrote “For the rest of my life, cast iron.” And, of course, Parton agrees. The musician told The Tennessean that her new Lodge collection, which features four cast-iron pans, one of which is in the shape of a guitar, was inspired by her childhood.

“Home is as much a state of mind as it is a place for me. I am excited to share these new kitchenware collections inspired by my childhood memories,” Parton told the publication. “While we didn’t have much that money could buy growing up, spending time with family over a meal created priceless moments that have lasted me a lifetime.”

Lodge confirms that, like all of its cast-iron cookware, Parton’s collection has been created to last. “Each piece is cast to last for generations of meal-making,” the brand notes on its website. “Featuring a naturally seasoned cooking surface made with just iron and oil, each piece is as cookable as it is collectible.”


Dolly Parton’s cast-iron cookware collection

Each cast-iron pan is inspired by Parton herself, as well as her impactful song lyrics, inspirational attitude, and incredible career.

There is the guitar-shaped Mini Skillet, for example, which Lodge notes is “perfect for a single portion of cornbread,” and was created in honor of Parton’s “rockstar status.”

There’s also the I Will Always Love You-inspired 10.25 Inch Skillet, which features an etching of Parton’s profile, looking at a butterfly. “It celebrates all the ways that Dolly has transformed the way we see the world, and how she inspires everyone to live with a bigger heart,” notes Lodge.

Another pan, the Love Is Like a Butterfly-inspired 12 Inch Skillet, features a butterfly guitar design, and the Light of a Clear Blue Morning pan has an outline of Parton against the sky with the quote, “I can see the light of a clear blue morning” underneath. According to Lodge, this particular design was inspired by the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

“It is my hope that these products will be a part of wonderful memories for you.” —Dolly Parton

“Nothing gets our hearts soaring like enjoying a meal under the big, wide-open sky,” writes Lodge. “This skillet is inspired by the Smoky Mountains—the region where Dolly grew up and where we’ve been cooking, camping (and spreading the word on cast iron) since forever. This piece celebrates the beauty of the region, as told through songs like ‘Tennessee Mountain Home.’”

If you want a bit of Parton stumblin’ in your kitchen, right now, all of the skillets are available on Lodge’s website for less than $55 each. And when your pan arrives, we highly recommend you cook some of our favorite vegan skillet recipes, which you can find here.

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