Evanna Lynch Suffers Animal Testing to Promote Veganism

The vegan Harry Potter actress simulates skin-burning and eye-irritation tests routinely conducted on animals to urge fans to buy vegan beauty products.


Vegan actress Evanna Lynch—known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series—appears in a new video to promote vegan beauty products. In the “makeup tutorial” clip—produced by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ youth division peta2—the actress undergoes simulated laboratory tests where “Chad” (the experimenter) applies chemicals on her face and eyes to test for irritation and subjects her to an “acute toxicity” test, which is routinely performed on animals who inhale toxic substances until they die. “If you’re not [okay] with putting animals through these tests,” Lynch said, “then maybe you should only be buying cosmetics that are truly cruelty-free.” The actress has participated in several campaigns to promote veganism and recently launched podcast ”The ChickPeeps” as a vehicle to discuss veganism with her fans.

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