Evanna Lynch Tackles Eating Disorders on Vegan Podcast

The Harry Potter star’s latest episode of The Chickpeeps podcast addresses the complex subject of disordered eating and veganism.


On the most recent episode of her podcast The ChickPeeps, Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch, co-host Momoko Hill, and guest host Bianca Taylor discuss their experiences overcoming anorexia and bulimia, and the role that veganism played in helping them address these disorders. Author Jasmin Singer (also VegNews’ Senior Editor) joined them to discuss body positivity, overcoming a disordered eating mentality, and how veganism can be key, for some, in positively transforming wrought relationships with food. “I’m grateful to Evy and the ChickPeeps crew for providing a safe space to encourage these oft-unspoken dialogues,” says Singer, whose memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough documents her own journey finding peace with food. “For some people—young women especially—who have struggled with eating, depression, and poor self-esteem, the choice to go vegan can be interpreted as an extension of their disorder. Though indeed a complex issue, I have found that sometimes—including in my case as well as Evy’s—veganism can be extremely healing, allowing our eating habits to be re-contextualized and given an added layer of meaning.” Lynch launched The ChickPeeps podcast last year as a platform to promote veganism to her young fan base.

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