Expert Says Future of Sex-Toy Industry is Vegan

Sex industry expert Jess Wilde believes that the trend toward plant-based living goes beyond food as millennials prefer sex products made sans animal products.


In a recent interview with PaperMag, Jess Wilde—a sex expert at Lovehoney, the United Kingdom’s largest online sex toy retailer—revealed that trends in the sex industry are shifting toward animal-free products. “Based on the growing popularity of veganism—which doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon,” Wilde said, “I predict that we’ll see materials such as leather and silk becoming less and less popular and more cruelty-free lubricants being available across the globe.” Wilde explained that Lovehoney caters to its growing vegan customer base by avoiding the use of silk in its lingerie lines, casein in latex condoms, leather in its bondage items, and animal products in its lubricants. “When we talk to our customers about products which are safe to use on their skin or in their genitals, we recommend sticking to the following: if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it in or on your body,” Wilde said. “If we pay attention to the results coming out of research around eating animals, then common sense says, if it’s not good to eat, you probably shouldn’t put it in your bits either.”

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