United Kingdom-based Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary recently received backlash for offering a dining experience that serves meat and dairy. Called “The Hungry Obbit,” the event claims to offer an “extraordinary mystical experience” in a “Hobbit house under the stars” with food cooked over an open fire for up to 10 guests. The menu consists of animal-based dishes such as cheese fondue, “Tomahawk” steak, fillet steak, and rump or sirloin steak served with roasted vegetables and potatoes, and a vegetarian option with grilled mushroom, squash, zucchini, and cheese. The dining experience also promises guests will be “wrapped in furs.” All profits from the dining experience will go to help animals at the sanctuary. Animal activists took to social media to point out the hypocrisy of serving animals while saving others. “How can you claim to be a farm animal sanctuary (a place where farmed animals are safe) and, at the same time, serve the products of farmed animal exploitation and killing in the restaurant which is clad in animal skins?” a reviewer posted on the Hungry Obbit’s Facebook page. “How does that even make sense?”

Photo source: Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary

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