20 Vegan Things at Costco We’re Stocking Up On

From bleeding plant-based burgers to vegan white cheddar puffs, this superstore is carrying more vegan options than ever before.


There’s a reason this membership-only warehouse store is the second largest retailer in the world. Aside from providing just about everything you could need for your home and office, Costco is staying ahead of the curve by offering a plethora of organic vegan foods. Here are 20 of our favorite Costco finds that we’re filling our freezers and pantries with.


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1. Don Lee Farm’s Beefy Burgers
This recently debuted, plant-based burger has been making major waves by selling 1 million units in less than 60 days at Costco, and becoming the fastest growing product in its category at the big-box store. With summer (and grilling season) quickly approaching, we’re filling our carts with bags of these “beefy” burgers.

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2. GoGo Quinoa’s Super Grain Chocolate Cookies
These crunchy cookies are made with organic royal quinoa flour, dark chocolate chips, and chia seeds—so make sure to pick up a supersized box to always have a healthy snack on hand.

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3. Hummus Pods
Simply pop these little nuggets into the oven for a quick and delicious snack or serve them as a party appetizer. Once you try them, you’ll know why you need to buy an extra large box (or two) of these Smoky Chipotle and Zesty Lemon hummus snacks.

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4. Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls
Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner or a stress-free hors d’oeuvre for a dinner party, this box of crispy spring rolls, served with Sum-m! Plum sauce, is a great option to keep stocked in your freezer.

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5. Nature’s Path Heritage Granola
Make breakfast stress-free with this jumbo bag of Ancient Grains Almond-flavored Granola, made with spelt, quinoa, and amaranth for a healthy dose of fiber and nutrients. Pour it in a bowl with coconut milk, top your smoothie bowls, or eat it straight from the bag … the options are endless!

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6. The Good Bean’s Sweet Chili Chickpeas
Satisfy your craving for a salty, crunchy snack with these protein-packed roasted chickpeas. The bag retails for just under $7 and makes a great addition in salads or on top of creamy soups for added fiery taste and texture.

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7. Yves Ultimate Veggie Burger
If “beefy” burgers aren’t your thing, go for these hearty patties from Yves. This case contains 12 burgers, so you can make sure your warm weather barbecues are well supplied with all of the essentials.


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8. Gosh!’s Mediterranean Falafel
If you’re a UK-based vegan, you don’t want to miss Costco’s delicious meal offerings, like these ready-to-eat Mediterranean Falafels with chickpeas and parsley. Wrap these up in lavash with hummus and greens for a healthy on-the-go meal.


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9. Oasis Naturals’ Smoky Chipotle Almond Dip
Grab a Costco-sized bag of pita chips and dip into this creamy Smoky Chipotle-flavored, almond-based dip. Keep it all to yourself or put this paleo-friendly dip out at parties for an easily shareable snack.

10. Suja Plant-Protein Milk
These ultra-creamy, 48-ounce bottles of plant-milk are made from a blend of pea protein, sunflower seed butter, and flax seeds. Pour some into the blender with a mix of fruit and vegetables for a delicious green smoothie.

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11. Hippeas White Cheddar Puffs
Did someone say super-sized bags of cheese puffs? Count us in! Hippeas are slowly taking the world by storm, and now these kid-friendly white cheddar puffs are available at Costcos across the country.

12. Bitchin’ Sauces
Available in flavors Heat, Pesto, and Chipotle, these almond-based spreads are a great addition to your favorite veggie burger or sandwich, or as a flavorful dip for crudites and crackers.

13. Kashi Blueberry Waffles
Fill your freezer with boxes of these whole-grain, wild blueberry waffles for a quick, kid-friendly breakfast (or midnight snack). Pour some Kirkland brand pure maple syrup on or spread organic crunchy peanut butter on them for a speedy meal.

14. Chloe’s Pops
A huge case of Chloe’s Dark Chocolate and Mango Pops in your freezer will ensure you’re ready to beat the summer heat. The pops are made simply from fruit, water, and a touch of cane sugar, making them a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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15. GT’s Kombucha
Keep your gut healthy by stocking up on GT’s Gingerade Kombucha packed with healthy probiotics. The case has six bottles and retails for $13; a steal compared to your average store prices.

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16. Baldwin St.’s Lentil & Spinach Soup
The weather may be warming up, but this delicious and healthy soup still deserves a place in your oversized shopping cart. The family-sized container of soup is made from whole foods, kosher-friendly ingredients, and packed with lots of fiber and oodles of deliciousness.

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17. Made Good’s Granola Minis
Avoid getting hangry by keeping on-the-go snacks with you at all times. These granola bites are made with a serving of vegetables and are school- and allergen-friendly (which means no peanuts or tree nuts).

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18. Inno Foods’ Coconut Clusters
These toasty organic snacks are super addictive thanks to a winning combination of toasted coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds. This giant bag makes a perfect snack to keep on your desk at the office or stashed in the car for impromptu hiking trips.

19. Clif’s Nut Butter Filled Bars
A mix of chocolate peanut butter-filled and coconut almond butter-filled bars can be found in this case of Clif bars. Pro tip: Unwrap your bar and pop it into the microwave for 10 seconds, and soon, you’ll be enjoying a warm, gooey treat.

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20. Brad’s Crunchy Kale Chips
When you’re famished after a long Costco shopping haul, pick up a bag of these nutty, cheesy kale chips to tear into for the car ride home. You’ll be glad you did.

Sarah McLaughlin is an assistant editor at VegNews who loves to stock up on all the basics at her local Costco.

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