Vegetarian café The Butcher’s Daughter—with locations in New York City and Los Angeles—recently partnered with the Pink Hope organization to launch a dairy-free, pink-hued beet latte as part of its #BeetBreastCancer initiative. All profits from the beet latte will go to Pink Hope, which works to raise awareness of breast and ovarian cancer and provide tools for prevention. The vegan latte was launched for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and is available at all four locations until tomorrow. “We’re proud to be partnering with The Butcher’s Daughter to educate and celebrate the strength of women throughout international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which falls in October,” Pink Hope Founder Krystal Barter told Gotham Magazine. “Preventative health and wellness [are] at the forefront of any Pink Hope partnership and The Butcher’s Daughter is an iconic destination for all things health.” While abstaining from dairy has been attributed to health benefits such as a lower risk of certain cancers, better skin, and improved digestion, mounting evidence has linked dairy consumption to increased rates of contracting diseases, including certain cancers.  

Photo courtesy of Gotham

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