Football Player Will Not Eat Wings During Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Griff Whalen reveals that he has been vegan for two years to improve his performance, health, and promote animal well-being.

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In a recent video created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Griff Whalen described how going vegan two years ago improved his game. Whalen was inspired to go vegan by other athletes such as Brendan Brazier and says that he has never felt better. Whalen reveals that “as an athlete, being vegan has helped me a lot physically,” adding that he “feels a lot lighter and faster on the field,” and that he has noticed a much quicker recovery time. The football star says that his choice to go vegan isn’t just limited to his diet—which consists of smoothies with plant-based protein powders, beans, lentils, and quinoa—but that “it has a huge impact on the environment and animals’ well-being.” High performance athletes such as boxer David Haye, Mr. Universe Barny Du Plessis, and former NFL player David Carter have recently decided to go vegan for health, performance, and ethical reasons.

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