Four countries recently partnered to form the Vegan World Alliance with a mission to create a shared vegan vision and promote veganism worldwide. The Dutch Association for Veganism, Vegan Australia, Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand, and Vegan Society of Canada came together to address worldwide challenges and share initiatives to fulfill their individual and collective missions. The alliance plans to share resources, develop new programs, and run joint campaigns. Its first project is to create a uniform certification system for vegan food products. The alliance is working with the International Organization for Standardization to clarify the definition of “vegan” and create a standard that manufacturers around the world must adhere to. “In many countries there is no legal definition of the word vegan, which leaves the door open for certifications to be issued when indeed the product is not vegan,” the Vegan World Alliance said. “Providing clarity around this issue and our involvement with the International Organization for Standardization is an important first step for vegans around the world.” The alliance invites others with a shared vision and mission to join them in “shaping the future of veganism.”

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