Grandmother Goes Vegan Before 96th Birthday

Anne Fraser was inspired to give up animal products to stay true to her yoga mantra of loving all beings.


Ohio resident Anne Fraser recently transitioned to a plant-based diet three weeks before her 96th birthday. Fraser, a chair yoga teacher, was inspired to eschew animal products by the film What the Health and by her granddaughter, who is the head chef at Ohio eatery Grumpy’s Food On the Go, where she has added several vegan dishes (such as the Beyond Burger) in recent months. “I’ve always ended all my classes with the meta prayer, ‘May all beings be happy and free,’” Fraser told Metro UK, “and after becoming vegan and learning how inhumane and cruel our animal agriculture system is, I realized that I wasn’t doing my part. I was praying for all animals to be happy and free, but not practicing it by still consuming animal products. Now when I say that prayer, it has a deeper meaning to me.” As further evidence that it is never too late to go vegan, Sherrey Reim Glickman eschewed animal products when she was 86, three years before she passed away. “I had always been an activist for women’s rights,” Glickman wrote in an essay published by media brand Our Hen House. “I lived life as a woman who moved to the beat of her own drum. It seems like a natural extension that animal rights came next.” Glickman was also inspired to go vegan by her granddaughter, VegNews Senior Editor Jasmin Singer. “At long last,” Glickman wrote, “there was simply no way I could continue to support the cruelty of animal production. The world evolves, and so do we.”

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