In 2016, Baileys announced it finally received vegan certification for its almond-milk-based beverage Almande and since then, we’ve had plenty of time to taste test. Luckily for you, we’re sharing all the creative ways you can use the vegan Irish cream and turn any day into St. Patrick’s Day.

1 (Very) nice cream

For months, we’ve been stockpiling vegan ice cream to prepare for the summer heat, but with Almande in our fridge, we’re reworking our classic cashew-based desserts to include some booze. We can’t wait to introduce salted caramel chocolate chip to Almande, or combine it with some peanut butter cookie dough. And for those who claim vanilla is too plain, how about adding a splash of vegan Baileys for an instant party? 

2 Frothy lattes

Remember how almond milk reinvented our morning lattes? Well, we’re betting Almande will bring the same level of excitement to liquor-loving coffee drinkers. We’re swapping in at least a cup of nut milk for Baileys, frothing it into a cloud of sweet foam, and adding several shots of espresso. For a more traditional and less time-consuming approach, go for an Irish coffee. We’re hitting our morning cup of jet-black joe with a few shots of Almande for…um…flavor. 

3 Boozy cookies

It’s time to take baked goods to a new level with the addition of Irish cream. We’re thinking Baileys n’ Brown Sugar Snickerdoodles, Almond Almande Thumbprints, and Irish Cream Sandwich Cookies. And since you’re already using Baileys, why not dip those cookies into booze instead of milk? 

4 Irish cream cinnamon rolls

We’re making our own freshly baked cinnamon rolls from scratch frosted with Irish cream icing.

5 Super smoothies

Smoothies are a gym-goers best friend, as they’re tasty, filling, hydrating, and an excellent way to get easily digestible nutrition into our systems after hitting the treadmill. That said, making a smoothie with added liquor could motivate us to finish our exercise routine for a yummy treat afterward.

6 Dos leches + Baileys cake

Tres Leches Cake—made with evaporated, condensed, and heavy cream milks—is a staple Mexican dessert, and the veganized version is the stuff of which dreams are made. The only thing better than a traditional Tres Leches Cake is swapping one of those leches for Baileys while watching telenovela reruns. 

7 On the rocks

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that are the most beautiful. In this case, a tumbler filled with a few ice cubes and a heavy pour of Baileys is simplicity mastered. Find us on the front porch, with said tumbler in hand, exhaling loudly in appreciation that Baileys made something for vegans to smile about.

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