Make Your Veganism Easier With These 5 Meal-Planning Sites

From vegan crab cakes to barbecue tempeh salads, meal-planning websites make eating healthy, sumptuous meals easier than ever.


Is the thought of watching your freshly bought groceries expiring in the back of your refrigerator making you want to put your vegan leather shoes on and head to the nearest restaurant for a quick fix of the hangry blues? If so, don’t fret because there is hope! With these five meal prep apps, you can make healthy, plant-based meals without the headache-inducing fuss or multiple trips to the store (when you inevitably forget the most important ingredient for your dish).

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Green Chef
With this meal-kit subscription service, restaurant-quality meals will be delivered to your door every week. So, there’s no need to create a grocery list and spend hours in the kitchen for your next dinner date. By using Green Chef, you’ll receive organic ingredients—Green Chef is the only meal-kit that’s certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture—with signature sauces and easy recipes in a carefully hand-packed box. Choosing a personal plan that fits your diet preferences is simple thanks to options that include paleo, gluten-free, and vegan menus. Choose from meals such as Italian Lentil Ball Soup and Vegan Crab Cakes to impress your family and friends. Don’t worry—we won’t spill the beans.

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If increased energy, clearer skin, and boosted metabolism sound like the stuff dreams are made of, then this New York-based meal delivery program might be worth a try. What began as an experiment to transform two friends’ diminishing health blossomed into a national brand with a team of 80 people. Each meal is designed to contain the optimal balance of plant-based protein, fresh produce, and nutritious superfoods. Meals range from Beet Rawvioli with savory cashew creme and a side of toasted broccolini and pesto to Chia Pumpkin Bread paired with cacao creme. Tantalizing dishes are switched every week, so you’ll never get bored.

Catered Fit
Catered Fit provides users with five deliveries per week. Members can choose from a weekly or monthly plan to suit their lifestyle needs. Serving Florida and Southern California (and New York City soon), all you’ll need is a microwave to enjoy fresh, nutrient-dense meals using local produce. The California-based company also offers add-ons such as coffee, juice, or snacks to your plan for added convenience. In addition to meals ranging from Crispy Tofu Bowls to BBQ Tempeh Salads, master juice cleanses are also available.

22 Days Nutrition
As if we needed another reason to love Beyoncé, the iconic popstar recently went vegan in preparation for Coachella with the help of her plant-based meal delivery service 22 Days Nutrition, which she co-created with vegan physiologist Marco Borges and husband Jay-Z. Everyday, members receive a selection of personalized recipes taste-tested by expert nutritionists. Dishes range from Spiced Cauliflower Rice Pilaf to Masala Eggplant and Chickpeas. For picky eaters, the Miami-based company allows you to filter more than 700 ingredients from earthy mushrooms to pungent onions. If you need groceries delivered, the service partners with Instacart and Peapod to make meal prepping even simpler.

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Purple Carrot
After founder Andy Levitt was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he discovered a plant-based diet was the answer. His newfound health inspired him to create a 100-percent vegan meal delivery service. With portioned ingredients, the service allows members to choose from Ranchero Burritos with tomatillo salsa and chipotle black beans and Spring Minestrone with crispy mushrooms and garlic toasts. Even better? These healthy and hearty meals can be made in just under an hour.

Aruka Sanchir is an editorial assistant at VegNews and is excited to pick a meal delivery service to help her during her busy days.

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