Guy Fieri Serves Vegan Food at Country Music Festival

VegNews photographer Jackie Sobon was in for a surprise at this year’s Stagecoach Country Music Festival where she sampled Fieri’s vegan Thai Curry Burrito.


VegNews photographer/author Jackie Sobon—known for her popular blog Vegan Yack Attack—feasted on a vegan Thai Curry Burrito courtesy of celebrity chef Guy Fieri at this year’s Stagecoach Country Music Festival in California. Sobon told VegNews that she was surprised to discover that Fieri was serving two vegan options—one of which was sold out when she arrived— at a barbecue pit where he was hosting a meet-and-greet. “It shows the average person that when someone like Fieri takes pride in their vegan options as much as they do their non-vegan foods, vegan food is valid and beyond a trend,” Sobon told VegNews. According to Sobon, a music festival such as Stagecoach attracts a demographic that does not identify as vegan, and Fieri’s food is typically not vegan-friendly. “I was standing there with two people who are very much not vegan,” Sobon said, “and they were almost as baffled as I to hear him speak about making vegan food like he did.” In 2016, vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher appeared on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” a Food Network show hosted by Fieri, who said the Minneapolis-based shop’s vegan Italian Cold Cuts Sandwich was as delicious as its animal-based counterpart.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Sobon

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