Today, vegan burger shop NOMOO opened inside the shuttered location of restaurant chain Johnny Rockets in West Hollywood, CA. The flagship location of the 1950s-style diner operated for 30 years before closing in 2015, making room for the new vegan business. NOMOO—which maintained some of the diner’s classic interior—serves a variety of “new American burgers” made with Impossible Burger patties, plus vegan chicken sandwiches, fries, salads, and treats such as cashew-based milkshakes. In 2018, NOMOO founder George Montagu Brown created the concept while catering events around Los Angeles. During one event in Beverly Hills, Brown served vegan burgers that wowed guests. “Meat eaters and vegans alike loved it,” Brown said. “All the taste, all the texture, and without all the nastiness of factory farming associated with all the ‘moo’ we typically find at a backyard barbecue.” Every month, NOMOO will donate 10 percent of its profits to animal-rights organizations, starting with Mercy For Animals.

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