Plant-based company Impossible Foods is still in the running to partner with fast-food chain McDonald’s, according to the company CEO Pat Brown. Earlier this month, Reuters reported that the company has ceased its negotiations with McDonald’s over fear that it would not be able to consistently supply 14,000 US locations with its vegan meat products. Since, Brown refuted Reuters’ claim in an interview with Business Insider as “complete bullsh*t,” stating that his words were misinterpreted. “We’re very deliberate in how we approach customers but we would never blow off or disrespect a potential customer and any suggestion that we would do that is complete nonsense,” Brown said, explaining that the company was interested in doing business with “anyone who is going to be in the meat businesses in the future selling to consumers.” While Brown admits that demand for Impossible Burgers is currently outpacing supply, the company aims to substantially increase its production to avoid any shortages—a lesson learned from the temporary shortage it experienced in mid-2019 after it partnered with Burger King to launch the Impossible Whopper at more than 7,200 locations nationwide. Competing vegan brand Beyond Meat is in the early stages of its partnership with McDonald’s, which expanded its test of the “P.L.T” (Plant.Lettuce.Tomato) burger made with a proprietary Beyond Meat patty to 52 locations in Canada today.

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