If you’ve been a fan of medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy at any point in the television show’s last 15 seasons, you’ll know that it’s only gotten better with time. As the longest-running medical drama, it continues to leave us gasping and pointing at our screens while covering a range of important topics with its diverse cast. With Grey’s heading into its 16th season on September 26, we decided to celebrate by catching up with vegan transgender actor and musician Alex Blue Davis—who has played the role of medical intern Casey Parker since Season 14—to chat about all things vegan. The actor has been living in LA since birth and seems to know a thing or two about the city’s buzzing vegan scene. Because vegan food is practically falling from the sky in this part of the world, we got deets on Davis’ 10 favorite places (and meals) to eat when dining out in his hometown. 

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1. Vegan Sunday NoHo
“The creator of this weekly event, Jessica Schoech, is so passionate about promoting veganism as a positive and easily accessible way. Getting to know her has been awesome and inspiring. Plus, she has impeccable taste in food! All the vendors at the annual Vegan Street Fair and Jessica’s more low-key weekly event, Vegan Sundays, are superb chefs. Some of my favorites are Compton Vegan (Buffalo Chick’n and Mac Bowl with ranch, collard greens, and cornbread), Eat Love (French toast!), Frozen Fruit Co. (salted chocolate with mochi), and Happiness Capsule by The Base Co. drinks (I’ve had the marigold base and matcha base, so good).”

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2. Golden Clouds
“Golden Clouds makes vegan Indian food that is seriously the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot because Indian food is my favorite. Considering I’m a bit obsessed with food in general, saying one variety of food is my absolute favorite is no joke. I first tried Golden Clouds at Vegan Street Fair. The Jackfruit Tikka Masala and Fluffy Chickpea Pillows are at the top of my list. They also make a to-die-for hot chai tea called Vegan Chai Sparkles—yes, it comes with multicolored edible sparkles on top and my kids go wild over them.”

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3. Flore Vegan
“The kimchi quesadilla with cashew cheese is one of the most delicious and unique dishes ever. The Tempeh Tu-no Melt is also amazing. And for dessert: strawberry chocolate cake.” 

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4. Swamiji
“The mushroom pizza and the collard wraps blew my mind. Also, I was handed a huge cinnamon roll with cashew cream cheese frosting, which I thought about for days after.”

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5. Green Leaves Vegan
“Here, my favorites are the Drum Stick, Curry Noodle, seitan wrap, and of course the Thai iced tea, which is the first one I’ve ever tried at a vegan Thai restaurant and is still my favorite (possibly for nostalgic reasons).”

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6. The Vegan Joint
“They have fantastic chocolate chip pancakes and Blue Moon milk, which is Butterfly pea tea with almond milk.”

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7. Doomies
“My favorite dish is the fried chicken basket (animal style or Buffalo) with French fries. I also love their carrot cupcake and peanut butter chocolate brownies—they’re so good, they’re bad.”

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8. Besties Vegan Paradise
“They carry vegan treats like No Whey Chocolate, which I love, especially the chocolate nougat bar. Besties also carries vegan cheeses and deli slices that I have never seen before. Also, Beyond Meat Italian sausage is served quick, hot and ready to go—I get mine with sauerkraut, ketchup, and mustard, and then more sauerkraut.”

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9. Donut Friend
It’s hard to choose my favorite donut here. My top choices are Thrice Crispies with coffee ice cream, Strawberrylab, Youth Brulee, Chocolate Old Fashioned, and Jets To Basil. My wife’s favorite is Fudgegazi.”

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10. Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen
“I love Cajun food and I used to live near North Hollywood so this place was heaven for me. My favorites are the Po’boy made with hearts of palm, hushpuppies, and iced chicory coffee with coconut milk. I can’t wait to try the fried okra.”

Nicole Axworthy is the News Editor of VegNews and author of DIY Vegan who is planning to eat her way through LA, starting with these restaurants. 

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