A new undercover investigation released today by animal-rights group Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) found serious animal abuse and neglect at Strauss Veal Feeds—a veal operation that obtains many of its calves from Coca-Cola Company supplier Fair Oaks Farms, of the milk company Fairlife Corporation. The footage shows calves from Strauss Veal Feeds being kept in pitch black conditions for up to 18 hours a day with little or no ventilation, even during the summer months, in crates that do not allow them to turn around or go outside. According to investigators, the calves are “brutalized” during transport and violently thrown into the trailer, living in filth and excrement, and dying of starvation. An undercover ARM investigator, who was hired by Strauss Veal Feeds as a calf caregiver, says he witnessed 10 to 20 calves dying daily, many of them suffering from dysentery, ear infections, and stomach viruses. “What the ARM investigator witnessed was shocking and medieval [such as] baby calves living in overheated pitch black barns,” ARM founder Richard “Kudo” Couto said. “It’s surprising that the veal industry, which solely relies on dairy calves to operate, is legally still in existence.” ARM discovered Strauss Veal Feeds while working undercover at Fair Oaks Farms. In June, Fair Oaks came under fire after ARM released horrific footage of workers at the farm beating, choking, stabbing, and burning newborn calves, among other extreme instances of abuse and neglect. ARM’s investigation also confirmed that Fair Oaks sells male calves for veal, a practice the company previously denied. Following the investigation, a large number of retailers, including grocery chain Kroger, removed Fairlife products from their shelves and severed ties with the supplier. “This is the clearest proof yet of the link between the dairy industry and the veal industry,” ARM said. “If you buy a glass of cow’s milk, you are supporting the veal industry.”

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