Israeli Military Offers Vegan Options to Soldiers

With the rising number of vegan soldiers, mess halls across Israel will serve meat-free meals.


Due to rising numbers of vegan soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), military mess halls across the country will be offering more plant-based options. Previously, the military offered vegetarian meals upon request and provided vegan soldiers an allowance to use for food purchases. The IDF already offers vegan conscripts leather-free boots and wool-free berets and announced plans to expand breakfast options to include cereals, tahini, nuts, dried fruit, and soy products. Lt. Col. Dana Steinfeld, head of IDF’s Food Department states, “The idea is to offer vegan soldiers better options and improve their service conditions.” With the largest vegan population per capita in the world, Israel’s animal activists made huge strides this June, pushing the country to criminalize animal cruelty and shut down its largest slaughterhouse. The new options begin July 15.

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