Starting this week, London-based eatery Buster Mantis—known previously for its Jamaican jerk chicken—will operate as a fully vegan restaurant for three months. Founded in 2015, the Jamaican eatery recently hosted two vegan pop-ups that featured food prepared by local vegan chef Denai “Dee” Moore, who was contracted for three months to create a vegan menu with items such as “saltfish,” fritters with ackee crema, jackfruit burgers, and dumplings. “This is the first time in our nearly three-year life that we’ve changed our kitchen so drastically, and we’ve already had a few customers walk out when they couldn’t get their beloved Buster Mantis jerk chicken,” the eatery announced on its Facebook page. “Anyway, we’d like to welcome Dee to the Buster Mantis family, and we hope you guys like her food as much as we do.” Buster Mantis is responding on social media to customers who are unhappy with the menu change with a simple woman shrug emoji. Stateside, popular Washington, DC restaurant Pow Pow embarked on a similar journey in May, when it went vegan for one month—serving giant egg rolls and plant-based meat bowls such as the Natalie Porkman—and has yet to reintroduce animal products to its menu.

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