Japanese Beauty Brand Debuts Cherry Blossom-Inspired Vegan Burger 

Plant-based brand Botanist added a slew of vegan dishes to its in-store café in celebration of Japan’s blooming Cherry Blossom trees. 


Beauty brand Botanist recently unveiled a Cherry Blossom-inspired menu at its in-store cafe in Tokyo. The star of the “Botanical Bloom Series” menu is the Sakura Burger, a vegan burger made with a soy patty that is topped with vegan cheese, a pink-hued sauce colored with beets, and fresh vegetables that comes sandwiched between cherry-colored buns made with sweet potatoes. Other vegan items include waffles made with teff and green banana flours and topped with cinnamon apple compote and soy-based vegan whipped cream and two tiramisu options (Classic and Raspberry). The launch of the menu coincides with the beginning of Japan’s “Sakura” (Cherry Blossom) festival and will be available until May 8.

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