Former president Jimmy Carter encouraged New Jersey Senator and longtime vegan Cory Booker to run for president during the upcoming 2020 election. “I’m very glad to have you here this morning and hope you come back. And I hope you run for president,” Carter said in an Instagram Live video filmed over the weekend during Booker’s visit to Carter’s hometown in Georgia. Booker thanked the 39th president of the United States, adding, “You encouraging me means more to me than you can imagine.” During his political career, Booker has used his platform to promote vegan companies, most recently endorsing Encompass—a women-led organization fighting to promote inclusivity within the vegan movement. Booker is expected to announce his intent to run for president this week. Meanwhile, Booker’s California Senate colleague Kamala Harris announced her presidential campaign for 2020—which will commence under the slogan, “For the People”—in conjunction with today’s celebration of the legacy of civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Platt

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