Just Mayo Wins Big Against US Government

Hampton Creek has won the right to market its popular egg-less mayonnaise as “mayo,” a decision the company says is a first step in fixing a broken food system.


A long dispute between the United States government and the successful vegan startup Hampton Creek has all but concluded after an agreement was reached today allowing the company’s egg-less mayonnaise Just Mayo to continue marketing its Just Mayo under the current name. After being targeted by the American Egg Board, fending off a lawsuit filed by Unilever, and rising above attempts to have its product pulled from grocery store shelves, Hampton Creek is ending a tumultuous, highly-publicized year with a win, conceding to just a slight redesign of its labeling—“egg-free” is moved up on a list of the mayo’s attributes and the word “just” is redefined as “guided by reason, justice, and fairness” rather than to mean “simply.” The fact that such a minor change—essentially making customers aware of homonyms—is enough to have the US Food and Drug Administration end a year’s worth of litigation only solidifies the company’s status as disruptive juggernaut, and points to consumers’ frustration with the current outdated food system. In a statement on Hampton Creek’s website, CEO Josh Tetrick said, “This isn’t a story about winning or losing. It’s a story about how our food system can be the thread running through much of what’s good in this world. A food system that’s healthier and stronger and more aligned with our values. A food system where the right thing is the easiest thing for a single mom working at a hair salon trying to raise two sons. That’s just.”

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