Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber partnered with vegan deodorant brand Schmidt’s to develop a proprietary scent that will be released this fall. Bieber chose to name his deodorant “Here + Now” and worked closely with Schmidt’s to design the new product’s label and scent. “The time was right to make something happen and bring to life an exclusive product collaboration that will bring new fans into the naturals category,” Schmidt’s CEO and co-founder Michael Cammarata told PEOPLE. “If Justin can make the switch from conventional to natural [deodorant], it’s a choice that’s open to everyone.” Bieber chose the deodorant’s “Here + Now” message to remind fans to remain present in the moment and to nurture mental and physical health. “It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically,” Cammarata said. “We want to inspire a conversation around health, wellness, and optimism for the future. It’s a means to talk about the issues that we all face day to day and how we can support each other in our collective journey to live our best lives.” Earlier this year, Schmidt’s released “Lily of the Valley,” a vegan deodorant created as a tribute to 85-year-old animal-rights activist Jane Goodall.

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