Vegan makeup mogul and animal activist Kat Von D will soon be announcing the release date of her long-awaited debut album and accompanying tour. “The album I wrote a couple of years ago and at the time I was planning on moving to Spain and disappearing, so I was like, ‘I’m just going to shelve it,’ and then I decided to stay mainly for the animal-rights stuff,” Von D told media outlet Haute Living. “I realized that I was of much more use to the cause if I stayed here and continued to grow my brand. So, since I decided to stay, I wanted to release the album. I’ll be releasing it and doing a tour simultaneously.” In 2018, Von D made a guest appearance in three songs on the album “Alive in New Light” by IAMX. In addition to creating music, Von D released a 10th-anniversary collection of Kat Von D Beauty cosmetics products, threw a vegan wedding with musician Rafael Reyes (known professionally as “Leafar Seyer” of the band Prayers), gave birth to vegan son Leafar Von D Reyes, and filmed a home-birth documentary. This year, in addition to her album release, Von D plans to debut a 28-style, unisex vegan shoe brand Von D Shoes.

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