Kylie Jenner Goes Vegan

The mega-celebrity vows to ditch animal products and eat vegan tacos and nachos instead.


Yesterday, reality television personality Kylie Jenner announced via social media platform Snapchat that she has adopted a vegan diet. “I’m trying this whole vegan thing,” Jenner snapped, along with a photo of vegan tacos in a blue corn tortilla overflowing with dairy-free cheese. Shortly thereafter, Jenner snapped another meal—this time, raw vegan nachos with salsa, black beans, and cilantro. The 19-year-old was previously known to consume a very non-vegan diet of In-N-Out Burger and fried chicken, showcased on her family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Jenner also owns beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, which does not test on animals and features many vegan-friendly items. Should the controversial star stick to her vegan vow, countless fans—more than 96 million Instagram followers alone—will be exposed to the benefits of a plant-based diet on her upcoming reality show Life of Kylie.

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