Today, beauty brand LUSH debuted limited edition vegan Orangutan soap to benefit efforts in saving critical habitats devastated by the palm oil industry in Indonesia. The new palm oil-free Orangutan-shaped soap ($9.95) is made with extra virgin coconut oil ethically sourced from Sumatra and features a citrus and patchouli scent. LUSH will donate 100 percent of the sales price (excluding tax) of the new soap to Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) to help the conservation organization purchase 360 hectares of palm plantations in the Leuser Ecosystem in Cinta Raja, Sumatra. After the purchase, OIC will restore the land (the equivalent of 583 football fields) into the native forest by slowly reversing the impacts of deforestation, soil degradation, erosion, and loss of ecosystems that are vital for the survival of the Sumatran orangutan—of which there are only 14,600 left in the wild.

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