Today, international beauty brand LUSH launched a hair care line designed specifically for curly, coily, and textured Black hair. The new line includes a reformulated avocado co-wash that better serves those with curly hair; two conditioners (Power, which is infused with maple syrup to improve volume and Glory, made with okra gel to provide maximum moisture); and three styling products created specifically to be used for the Liquid, Oil, and Cream (LOC) method (Super Milk conditioning spray, Renee’s Shea Souffle hair and scalp oil, and Curl Power hair cream).

Inspired by family formulations and the specific needs of Black hair, the new products were developed by Sarah Sango, LUSH Research and Development Stylist & Black Haircare Specialist, who has 19 years of experience in the haircare industry. Together with the LUSH UK Hair Lab team, Sango spent two years developing the line, priced between $12.95 and $49.95 per product.

“When I look at these six products sitting together, I think joyous thoughts, knowing from cleansing to defining my style there’s finally a Black hair care range available for the community in every LUSH store,” Sango said. “Our ‘fro’s are worn in different shapes and sizes. Hair grows up, out, and down. On Monday, I might install my lace front, on Friday, Box braids down to the ground. The styles are endless so you can imagine how many more products can be created. Black hair is a journey—and mine with LUSH, is just getting started.”

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