Iconic brand BOCA Foods (a subsidiary of The Kraft Heinz Company) has begun to eliminate dairy products from its line. BOCA currently offers 12 products, eight of which are now vegan. “At BOCA, we understand there are consumers who follow a vegan lifestyle or who otherwise avoid dairy,” BOCA Brand Manager Eric Palmer said. “The majority of BOCA’s products are now vegan, and we’ll continue to explore opportunities to expand those vegan offerings.” Animal-rights organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) has urged BOCA to remove animal products from its offerings for the last 10 years, successfully persuading BOCA to remove eggs from its brand in 2010. In February, COK launched a multi-pronged campaign—including a demand letter to Kraft Heinz CEO Bernardo Hee and a petition that gained nearly 50,000 supporting signatures—to urge BOCA to ditch dairy. “We’re thrilled that BOCA is actively responding to the sizzling demand for vegan foods voiced by thousands of Compassion Over Killing supporters, as well as consumers nationwide, by ditching cruel and unhealthy dairy from its products,” Laura Cascada, COK Director of Corporate Outreach, said. “And we hope to see a fully vegan product line soon.”

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