Meat-Counter Chef Creates Proper Filthy Vegan Burgers

British burger bar The Meat Counter has introduced the Hail Seitan burger—filled with smoked vegan bacon and dairy-free cheese—after identifying a void of indulgent plant-based options on its menu.

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United Kingdom-based burger bar The Meat Counter debuted last week a vegan menu to attract customers looking for a indulgent options sans animal products. Head chef Miles Baker developed a number of vegan dishes after realizing that the restaurant’s menu offered only a few “healthier” options. “I wanted to give vegans the same experience as meat-eaters in the restaurant,” Barker said. “I wanted to create a really filthy burger so vegans don’t feel restricted to making healthy choices. Everyone needs a blow out now and again.” The new Hail Seitan burger—which Barker developed during the course of several months—features a seitan-based patty, vegan cheddar cheese, smoked “facon,” gherkins, onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, ketchup, and American mustard. Other new vegan menu items include two additional burgers, a selection of spiced fries and dipping sauces, and a coconut-milk based milkshake. The Meat Counter revealed on social media that it had sold out of the Hail Seitan on the first day of its launch and assured customers that it will increase production to replenish the offering.

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