Meat-Free Startup Raises $100,000 on Indiegogo

Israel-based cultured meat company SuperMeat gains crowd support to produce slaughter-free meat.

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New Israel-based cultured meat company SuperMeat recently reached its $100,000 goal on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. With the help of award-winning biomedical engineer Yaakov Nahmias of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the company aims to find the best way to end animal suffering by developing a meat-making machine that would utilize animal cells to produce “real meat without harming animals.” SuperMeat focuses on the reality that people around the world continue to eat meat and hopes to offer a viable alternative free of GMOs and antibiotics. The company’s campaign is ongoing, with the next goal set at $500,000 that would allow them to build a prototype of their meat-making machine. In addition to SuperMeat, startups around the world such as Clara Foods, MuuFri, and New Harvest are relying on technology to create foods that disrupt the dairy and meat industries with cruelty-free alternatives.

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