Musician and vegan activist Moby announced his candidacy for President of the United States this week. “I’ve been thinking about it for five minutes or so, and I’ve decided to run for President,” Moby began the announcement on Instagram. Moby asked fans to keep several factors in mind about his announcement, stating, “I’m completely unqualified (but that didn’t stop Trump or George W. Bush),” “I won’t campaign or raise money,” and “I absolutely do not think I should be President.” Moby urged voters to consider a number of issues at the polls, such as government subsidies for industries that poison people—listing tobacco, animal agriculture, and oil production— despite the “trillions of dollars” Americans spend on healthcare as a result. The vegan activist also tasked fans to start critical discussions about why the US continues to engage in colonialism (asking, “Why is Puerto Rico not a state?”) and “anti-democratic” systems such as the electoral college. Moby used his announcement as a platform to encourage fans to vote for a candidate that is not himself, but someone that he hopes would be more qualified for the position than Trump. “But sure, I’ll run for President as long as I don’t have to campaign, and as long as no one votes for me,” Moby said. “Also, your vote matters, so please don’t waste your vote on celebrities or third party candidates.”

Photo courtesy of Moby/FB

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