This month, food company Cedarlane Foods will launch its newest frozen vegan entrées at Publix and Sprouts stores nationwide. An expansion of its Simply Plant Powered line, the new frozen meals are Vegan Lasagna (made with vine-ripened tomatoes, beefless crumbles, and vegan mozzarella); two types of enchiladas filled with beefless crumbles and cheddar-style vegan cheese (one in red tomato sauce and the other in a green, tomatillo sauce); and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie (made with lentils, carrots, and green beans and topped with mashed potatoes). 

The non-vegan company—founded by CEO Robert Atallah in 1981—also sells other vegan products, including refrigerated items such as No Tuna Salad, No Egg Salad, and Tofu Ranchero Scramble. “As veterans in providing consumers with easy, convenient, and most importantly, clean, food options for nearly four decades, we know our health-conscious consumers are always looking for new products that not only taste great, but provide unparalleled nutritional benefits,” Atallah said. “We’ve been championing the importance of a diet rich in vegetables since our founding, and are proud to continue providing families and individuals with a diverse new variety of delicious, nourishing options you can prepare in just minutes.”

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