Award-winning documentary For the Birds was recently invited to screen at IFC Center in New York City from May 31 to June 6 and in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Monica Film Center from June 14 to June 20. Directed by vegan filmmaker Richard Miron, the film follows a woman named Kathy who loves ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys—and hoards 200 of them—which attracts the attention of local animal rescuers. Shot in the Hudson Valley of New York, the film features rescuers from the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and the Ulster County SPCA and tells the five-year story behind a viral video showing the rescued geese swimming in water for the first time. “When I went into making this film, my initial plan was to tell a story about animal rescue, but follow it from multiple viewpoints,” Miron said. “I had always connected with animals, and was fascinated by the complex relationship humans have with them. We love them, eat them, rescue them, cage them—the contradictions go on. I had seen a lot of great documentaries about animal rights, but there was a certain messy, nuanced reality that I felt I wasn’t seeing on screen. So I set out to make a film that would explore the moral grey areas of the way we treat animals.” For the Birds won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival and the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival, and has screened at more than 20 film festivals around the world. For the Birds will be available for viewing in mid-July across digital platforms following its theatrical run.

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