Luxury vegan handbag brand TheOne08 recently launched with an aim to support and empower a community in Il Ngwesi, Kenya. The brand creates luxury handbags crafted from a range of natural materials and vegan leathers, such as those derived from pineapple leaves, and a water-resistant twill interior made from 100-percent recycled plastic bottles. Available in three colors and four sizes, the bags range from $198 to $498 and are made to order, which minimizes environmental impact, labor, and waste. To produce the bags, TheOne08 plans to establish the first community-owned and operated manufacturing facility that will provide a viable means of livelihood to the Maasai community in Il Ngwesi—including education, a living wage, safe workplace, and empowerment for its people. “In the context of TheOne08, luxury is our ability to make everyday decisions that uplift the lives of those around us and make a better future for our one planet,” TheOne08 founder Amir Hoda said. “That is the luxury and privilege that we have, and that our customers have. The ability to make choices that are impactful—that’s luxury.” TheOne08 will launch its line on Kickstarter on August 27. The money raised will go toward the buildout of the community-owned manufacturing facility. 

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