Vegan brand Yooga will launch its yogurt line at 156 Walmart stores in July. The brand is aiming to become a category leader with its unique yogurt formulation that blends coconut cream and finely milled chia seeds to create a creamy texture. “It also doesn’t have that runny, gelatinous, or grainy texture that you get in a lot of other plant-based yogurts, and consumers tell us that it’s by far the best plant-based yogurt they’ve had,” Yooga founder Jody Polishchuk told Foodnavigator USA. Yooga—which will be priced $1.99 per cup—is sweetened with organic cane juice and monk fruit and is available in five flavors: Vanilla Bean, Turmeric Golden Milk, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Sea Salt Chocolate. Prior to launching at Walmart, the brand has been available at select stores on the East Coast, where Polishchuk said it has performed well. The company will also launch in stores in Southern California before making its Northern California debut in September through distributor Dairy Delivery.

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