In May, New York City’s popular Chinatown vegetarian market May Wah Vegetarian Market is transforming into a fully vegan market. The 25-year-old, family-owned and operated business is well known for its wide range of vegetarian meats, from pork belly to prawns. Over the years, many of its products gradually evolved into vegan ones due to product improvements, while others remained vegetarian due to the inclusion of dairy. This year, the market’s president, Lee Mee Ng, is retiring and her daughter, Lily Ng, is taking over. And with that, Lily plans to take the company to the next level, starting with making the entire market vegan. “We hope to bring new products and services under our relaunch, Lily’s Vegan Pantry,” Lily Ng told VegNews. “Our mission is to promote healthy well-being and happiness through our diverse offering of products, and we are committed to raising awareness about the physical and environmental benefits of consuming a cruelty-free diet. We will continue to provide premium, delicious vegan products that no other brand can match, by working closely with our own distributors and manufacturing process, as well as engaging with customers directly.”” Lily’s Vegan Market will offer a variety of product lines, including vegan sweet-and-sour Citrus Spare Ribs, crispy Chicken Nuggets, spicy Gong Bao Chicken, and chicken legs. It will also launch a new line of room temperature, ready-to-eat vegan meats such as Mushroom Steak, Spicy Korean Chicken, Vegan Drummies, Salmon Fillet, and General Tso’s Chicken. “Over 25 years later, we continue to be a pioneer in seeking out the very best meat alternatives for our customers, and this remains at the core of our commitment today: ‘No meat, no egg-scuses,’” Lily said.

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