Swedish plant-based holding company Kale United closed a €350,000 ($378, 810) crowdfunded investment round on FundedbyMe within one day, attracting more than 100 public and private investors. The goal of Kale United is to build a large portfolio of plant-based companies and help get their products on the market in Scandinavia and beyond. “This latest funding round has brought the total number of investors in Kale United to more than 500 and I want to thank all of them for believing in our mission—we are making it possible for everyone to be shareholders in the leading portfolio of plant-based companies,” Kale United Founder Måns Ullerstam said. “I am particularly proud and grateful to have attracted this strong support for our latest funding round during such a challenging time for individuals and businesses globally, as humanity tackles the current COVID-19 crisis.” 

Since it was founded in 2018, Kale United has seen the value of its plant-based portfolio increase by 80 percent and has increased the distribution of vegan products. “By supporting Kale United, people are playing an active role in helping our transition towards a greener, kinder and more sustainable future,” Ullerstam said. “A future where healthy, plant-based foods are available to all, and where animal agriculture practises are rightly consigned to the history books.” 

Last year, Kale United partnered with Heather Mills—founder of British vegan brand VBites—to relaunch Sweden’s most established vegan food brand Astrid Och Aporna which, since 2006, has been producing vegan sausages, burgers, meatballs, frozen pizza, mayonnaise, and dairy-free cheeses.

Kale United will use the funding to acquire new plant-based brands that are in line with its mission of a more sustainable future. The company plans to raise an additional €2 to €4 million by the end of this year. “The future is plant-based, and together we will help more innovative brands gain strongholds as household names and have a positive impact on the health of our planet,” Ullerstam said.

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