Daiya Launches Vegan Cheese Line in the UK

Consumers can now purchase vegan cheese shreds, spreads, blocks, and macaroni and cheese at Whole Foods Market and Sainsbury’s in London.

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Canadian vegan brand Daiya Foods announced its launch this week in the United Kingdom. A number of its vegan cheese products—including Cutting Board Collection Shreds, slices, blocks, Cream Cheeze-Style spreads, and packaged macaroni and cheese Cheezy Mac flavors—will now be available at select retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Sainsbury’s, and online vendors throughout the London area. “We recognize that consumers in the UK are making conscious choices to embrace both a healthier planet and healthier lifestyle,” Daiya CEO Terry Tierney said. “Our fans across the UK have been petitioning for Daiya products for years. This momentous launch demonstrates we are another step closer in our continued journey in bringing the incredible benefits of plant-forward living to more people worldwide.” Last year, Daiya was acquired for $325.5 million by international company Otsuka, which plans to expand the vegan brand’s presence globally in the coming years.

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