Vegan Hummus Milkshakes Debut in NYC

New York’s newest craze is drinkable hummus—a level 10 vegan dessert.


New York City-based eatery The Hummus & Pita Co. recently debuted its newest creation, a vegan hummus milkshake. The beverage—described by Time Out as a mix between a greasy-spoon diner milkshake and a beverage from a “bougie” juice shop—is made with a blend of bananas, tahini, chickpeas, dates, and almond milk. While the eatery is not vegan, its newest vegan item has received national attention. On a recent episode of ABC’s show The Chew, Carla Hall—a former Top Chef contestant who recently touted Washington, DC eatery Shouk’s vegan burger as one of the best things she had ever eaten—praised the hummus milkshake, calling it “a celebration.” The hummus milkshake ($5) is available in five flavors: original, pistachio, strawberry, butter pecan, and chocolate.

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