Vegan Reddi-Wip Hits Store Shelves

The dairy-free whipped topping is being offered in both almond and coconut milk-based varieties.


Iconic brand Reddi-Wip’s dairy-free whipped cream hit store shelves this week, spotted at Publix in North Carolina by Instagram user Hannah Sentenac. The new, dairy-free whipped cream comes in an aerosol can, and is available in both almond- and coconut-based options. Sean Connolly, CEO of Reddi-Wip’s parent company Conagra, told media outlet CNBC that the new formulations were made in order to meet the demand from non-dairy consumers. Many major food brands have begun to offer plant-based products in the past year, including Starbucks, with its debut of a certified vegan Macadamia Oat Cookie at locations nationwide in May.

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