Vegan Steak Launches at 400 UK Grocery Stores

Dutch brand Vivera will debut its plant-based steak at Tesco locations across England, before expanding to the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Italy.


On May 21, Dutch brand Vivera will debut its vegan steak alternative at 400 locations of British grocery chain Tesco. Later this year, Vivera will expand the distribution of the vegan meat product—made with soy and wheat—to grocery outlets across the Netherlands. The vegetarian brand currently produces one million meat replacement products per week and expects to scale production substantially as it expands its steak alternative to grocery stores in Germany, France, and Italy during the second half of 2018. “The smell, taste, and bite can hardly be distinguished from real steak and we are convinced that this product will meet a large need [for] consumers,” Vivera commercial manager Gert Jan Gombert said. “It is very important that we eat less meat, both for our own health, animal welfare, and for our planet. Innovative and high-quality plant-based products can make a significant contribution here.” Founded in 1990, Vivera offers 40 meat alternatives, and plans to transition the brand to be fully vegan by the end of the year.


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